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Lake Fork-Texas-CD-ROM

Lake Fork Unplugged CDROM - Information about our very popular CDRom version of Lake Fork

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Lake Fork Unplugged Version 3.0 (Released 2000-2009)
One of the most innovative products ever made for fishing Lake Fork. This product opens anglers minds to the topography and layout of the lake by providing accurate topographic maps that show the layout of the lake and also provides pictures of the lake as it was actually filling up. These one of a kind pictures allow the angler to visualize the topography just like someone would by being there when the lake was built. The program allows you to view and print graphically rich maps of Lake Fork. There are literally hundreds of pictures within the program at various stages of innundation. Some of the pictures are at 14 feet low, some 28 ft, some 40 feet and some are bone dry bottom of the lake shots. Some are in a boat, some on land and some flying over in a plane. It's a collection of pictures that David Kelly made as he was learning the lake early on in it's making. As an added benefit two professional fishing guides provide input at various locations throughout the lake. This program allows an angler to sit at home and learn about the entire lake by the click of a mouse.

The neat thing about this program is you just insert it into your CDROM and it auto runs from the cd. No installation is necessary. Funny story, we were working a Bass Pro Shop Show in Grapevine, Texas and a guy walked up to me and said "I used to work with Steve Jobs (which I took as he knew a lot more about computers than I ever would). He went on to say that "I never knew Acrobat could do what you got it to do". I was a little surprised and taken back by his comment. If he only knew just how lucky I was to get it to do that. It was pretty much an accident on my part. On this program I used Adobe Acrobat sort of like an operating system. Don't worry we didn't have to mess with Adobe's stuff in order to make it do what it does. It was just Adobe out of the box. It is a pretty cool CD and something I continue to be proud of and at the same time still surprised I was able to pull that rabbit out of the hat. I continue to use this program myself on our weekly YouTube videos that we do. If you've ever seen one of those you probably saw this program in action.

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